The Raven and Other Poems

The_Raven_and_Other__Cover_for_KindlejpgThe Raven and Other Poems
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by Edgar Allan Poe
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Edgar Allan Poe’s poems are some of the most fascinating in the canon of American literature. Such classics as “The Raven” and “Annabel Lee” are taught in schools all over the country and are loved by readers for the demonstrated mastery of rhyme and meter. However, this mastery is simply a vehicle by which the reader is lured into committing part of his subconscious mind for the percolation of Poe’s works. The more they gnaw at your cortex, the more deeply entrenched they become.

“The Raven” and “Annabel Lee” are but two of Poe’s most popular poems. This volume contains 54 of Poe’s best-known poems and is a wonderful addition to any library.