The Builders: A Story and Study of Freemasonry

The Builders by Joseph Fort NewtonThe Builders: A Story and Study of Freemasonry
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by Joseph Fort Newton
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“The Builders is a seminal classic work on the history and practice of Freemasonry. Unlike many other works in the same vein, Newton’s treatment of the subject is approachable and readable in a way that eludes many authors. His is a work that encompasses quite a bit of serious research, but without an overly academic tone.” -Carl E. Weaver, ed.

“Every one who has looked into the vast literature of Masonry must often have felt the need of a concise, compact, yet comprehensive survey to clear the path and light the way. Especially must those feel such a need who are not accustomed to traverse long and involved periods of history, and more especially those who have neither the time nor the opportunity to sift ponderous volumes to find out the facts. Much of our literature-indeed, by far the larger part of it-was written before the methods of scientific study had arrived, and while it fascinates, it does not convince those who are used to the more critical habits of research.” -Joseph Fort Newton

“Some of our most earnest Masonic writers have made the Order a target for ridicule by their extravagant claims as to its antiquity. They did not make it clear in what sense it is ancient, and not a little satire has been aimed at Masons for their gullibility in accepting as true the wildest and most absurd legends. Besides, no history of Masonry has been written in recent years, and some important material has come to light in the world of historical and archæological scholarship, making not a little that has hitherto been obscure more clear; and there is need that this new knowledge be related to what was already known. While modern research aims at accuracy, too often its results are dry pages of fact, devoid of literary beauty and spiritual appeal-a skeleton without the warm robe of flesh and blood.” -Joseph Fort Newton