Off White

Off WhiteOff White
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by Annie Bryan
Paperback $8.99

Off White is an amalgamation of womanhood and queerness, pain and growth, acceptance and recovery, assured identity and insecure ambiguity. It is not in that order because the healing process is not linear. It stings, but hopefully not too much. It is as “white” as it is new, and it is as “off” as it is already deeply, irreparably flawed. More than anything, it is for you.

“Gay” moves through coming out as LGBTQ to narcissistic men and a Catholic family; “Skinny” continues trudging through eating disorders and a falsely constructed perception of the perfect female body; “Broken” considers the weight of clinical anxiety and the parts of a disease that don’t feel purely medical.

Annie Bryan is a writer from Virginia living in New York City. She has studied at Columbia University and worked for various news outlets, including the BBC, NBC, PBS, and the Columbia Journalism Review. Annie also wrote a play produced by the Fringe Festival in 2016. This is her first published collection of poetry.