Etiquette for Engineers: A Technical Guide for STEM Professionals

Etiquette_for_Engine_Cover_for_KindleEtiquette for Engineers: A Technical Guide for STEM Professionals
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by David Potts with Kelly Harris
Paperback $8.99

Engineers, scientists and IT professionals live in worlds of rules and predictability. They’re successful because they master things that make things work. Protocol and etiquette also have rules and predictability. By understanding and recognizing certain key principles, anyone can figure out what the process is and what the next step is. There are order and logic to protocol and etiquette. Yes, a lot of it was developed over time and can seem odd, but so is the QWERTY keyboard. It was created to prevent certain combinations of keystrokes from jamming manual typewriters, but we still use it. It’s now an imbedded tradition – just like some protocol and etiquette rules. If you know the game and what it’s about, it’s easier to play. Knowledge reduces anxiety and lets you relax and enjoy the moment. So that’s it. Here’s a protocol and etiquette guide for the technically adept and socially challenged who relate more to Steve Jobs than Emily Post. It’s the same stuff reimagined.