Submit Your Work

Do you want your work to be published? We are glad to help you do that. Granted, we do not simply publish everything that comes across our desks, but we are always looking for new voices and new products to get on the market.

When you submit your finished work, it should have been edited for style, grammar, punctuation, and all those other good things. We want your product to be in your voice but we also want it to be a good reflection of both of us. To that end, great editing is critical. If you need help with this step, we can arrange for that.

Before sending your manuscript, please contact us so we can discuss the project and make sure it is a good fit for our growing list of titles.

Our specialty areas include fiction, poetry, non-fiction narrative, travel narrative, and Freemasonry, but we are open to other ideas that catch our interest.

General manuscript guidelines:

  • Send one chapter or the whole book, depending on how much you have done and want to send.
  • It should be in a finished state. That is, you are at an endpoint with whatever you send and you can imagine it going to press today. It is edited and . If you have only written one chapter, that chapter should be finished, even if the whole book is not.
  • Technical stuff:
    • One-inch margins
    • Double-spaced
    • Regular font like Times New Roman or equivalent, nothing too stylized
    • 12-point font

What we are looking for:

  • Your writing style
  • How you tell a story
  • Your topic and how you approach it
  • Other loosey-goosey English major stuff. There’s a whole field of study dedicated to this sort of thing with various topics to dilate upon. We just try to keep it simple.

Where to send it:


Carl Weaver
Broken Column Press
244 S. Reynolds Street #409
Alexandria, VA 22304