Our Printing Method

Broken Column Press uses print-on-demand technology to fulfill orders. That means that we do not have a giant warehouse of books. When a book – or a case of books – is ordered, we don’t simply go to the warehouse and get them. An order is generated with our printer and the books are made often within a few hours. Because of this technology, we can keep our costs low.

How does this benefit you?

If you are a consumer or buyer, you can order books and know that they are brand new. They have not been sitting in a warehouse collecting dust and mildew. They did not exist even hours ago, and then they are in production and on their way to you. No fuss, no muss, no funny-smelling books. You know you have had those. We have too. Nobody likes funny-smelling books. Plus, because we keep costs low, we can make our books a little more affordable for you.

If you are an author, you are able to make a little more money than you otherwise might because we do not have to pay for warehousing. We want to try to help line your pockets with saved money while benefitting ourselves. It is a win-win, or maybe even a win-win-win. We are still deliberating which it is.

But couldn’t we make more money by storing and distributing books on our own?

Probably, yes. There are definitely advantages to having stocks of books and a warehouse and all that fun stuff. For one thing, you can find incredible economies of scale by doing such things. Also, we would have a forklift, and that would be pretty cool. However, we would rather spend our time and efforts bringing great works of literature to market than managing more employees, handling supply chain issues, pushing a broom, and other such things. We know our strengths and want to capitalize on them. The whole of our operation could be run by a guy with a cell phone, a switchblade and a will to survive. We haven’t found the right switchblade guy yet, so it is still the regular fogies running things for now. We will post updates if that changes.