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Cigarettes and Rocket Ships

Cigarettes and Rocket Ships Amazon by¬†Scott Delaney Paperback $8.99 Helios sets sail from the Bungalow, having survived the haunting of Skotadi and his army of Cicadas. While at sea, Helios explores life Amongst the Waves, before crashing on the rocks of an unknown land.¬†Leukothea, Goddess of Wayward Sailors, rescues Helios from the surf and nurses […]


Poetry and Wine – John Keats

Sometimes I need to reread my favorite poems. It is like visiting an old friend, reveling in memories and the promise of shared futures. This morning I reread “Ode to a Nightingale,” and was struck by the beauty with which the author describes guzzling wine. (Confession: I think wine and poetry are a wonderful combination.) […]