The Regius Poem or Halliwell Manuscript

The Regius Poem or Halliwell Manuscript Amazon | Barnes & Noble by James O. Halliwell Paperback $8.99 The Regius Poem, also known as the Halliwell Manuscript, is a long series of rhyming couplets that make up what is thought to be the earliest of the Old Charges of Masonry. It was discovered in the British Museum by […]

Shakespeare's Sonnets

New title: Shakespeare’s Sonnets

We are proud to announce our latest title: Shakespeare’s Sonnets. This collection of poems is a classic, with somewhat of a mixed history. It is generally thought that the poet did not want most of these pieces to be available for public consumption. However, their beauty and craftsmanship show a true mastery of the craft, […]

Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Shakespeare’s Sonnets Amazon | Barnes & Noble by William Shakespeare Paperback $8.99 Shakespeare’s sonnets are among the best-known and most-loved poems in the English canon. Shakespeare excels at describing the subtleties of human emotion and tying together a string of familiar sentiments that we can all relate to, regardless of our backgrounds. He speaks to the universality […]

Sonnets from the Portuguese

Sonnets from the Portuguese Amazon | Barnes & Noble by Elizabeth Barrett Browning Paperback $8.99 Elizabeth Barrett wrote these sonnets as a set of lyrical love poems to Browning before their marriage, and the numbers designate the order in which they were written. This allows the discerning reader to examine the progression of a poet’s skills. […]

The Raven and Other Poems

The Raven and Other Poems Amazon | Barnes & Noble by Edgar Allan Poe Paperback $8.99 Edgar Allan Poe’s poems are some of the most fascinating in the canon of American literature. Such classics as “The Raven” and “Annabel Lee” are taught in schools all over the country and are loved by readers for the demonstrated mastery of rhyme […]

A Good Day to Die: Haiku in Traditional Form

A Good Day to Die: Haiku in Traditional Form Amazon | Barnes and Noble by Carl Weaver Paperback $9.99 Kindle $5.99 A Good Day to Die is a collection of haiku in traditional form, written by author Carl Weaver. The subjects of his works are traditional – nature, seasons, animal life, other people, changing emotional state […]