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Cigarettes and Rocket Ships

Cigarettes and Rocket Ships Amazon by Scott Delaney Paperback $8.99 Helios sets sail from the Bungalow, having survived the haunting of Skotadi and his army of Cicadas. While at sea, Helios explores life Amongst the Waves, before crashing on the rocks of an unknown land. Leukothea, Goddess of Wayward Sailors, rescues Helios from the surf and nurses […]

Off White

Off White

Off White Amazon | Barnes & Noble by Annie Bryan Paperback $8.99 Off White is an amalgamation of womanhood and queerness, pain and growth, acceptance and recovery, assured identity and insecure ambiguity. It is not in that order because the healing process is not linear. It stings, but hopefully not too much. It is as “white” as […]

The Masonic Poetry of Dr. Rob Morris

The Masonic Poetry of Dr. Rob Morris Amazon | Barnes & Noble By Rob Morris Paperback $9.99 Dr. Rob Morris remains a celebrated Freemason and is known for having been Grand Master of Kentucky in 1858-1859, as well as for having founded the Order of the Eastern Star. A prolific writer and poet, he preferred to […]


Eater of Mushrooms: A Poetic Novel

Eater of Mushrooms: A Poetic Novel Amazon | Barnes & Noble by Scott Delaney Paperback $8.99 Eater of Mushrooms is a modern mythology about struggle and survival told through poetry. Each of the 32 poems represents a chapter in the tormented life of Lord Helios. The story builds from the true love of Sunflower, to […]

The Poetry of Stephen Crane

The Poetry of Stephen Crane

The Poetry of Stephen Crane Amazon | Barnes & Noble by Stephen Crane Paperback $8.99 Stephen Crane referred to his poetry as “lines” rather than poems. He did not consider it poetry, as the poetry of the time was mainly metered and rhymed. His lines draw heavily on allegory, most of them snippets of some universal aspect of […]


The Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita Amazon | Barnes & Noble Paperback $8.99 This famous and marvellous Sanskrit poem occurs as an episode of the Mahabharata, in the sixth–or “Bhishma”–Parva of the great Hindu epic. It enjoys immense popularity and authority in India, where it is reckoned as one of the “Five Jewels,”–pancharatnani–of Devanagiri literature. In plain but noble […]

William Blake

Songs of Innocence and of Experience

Songs of Innocence and of Experience by William Blake Amazon | Barnes & Noble $8.99 The Songs of Innocence and of Experience, and the poems from the Rossetti manuscript, are the poems of a man with a profound interest in human emotions, and a profound knowledge of them. The emotions are presented in an extremely simplified, […]


Poetry and Wine – John Keats

Sometimes I need to reread my favorite poems. It is like visiting an old friend, reveling in memories and the promise of shared futures. This morning I reread “Ode to a Nightingale,” and was struck by the beauty with which the author describes guzzling wine. (Confession: I think wine and poetry are a wonderful combination.) […]