Can a writer get rich?

I remember in high school, when I started writing seriously, people would tell me that writing was a fine hobby but that I should have a primary job and do writing on the side. Even back then I thought that not pursuing your dreams was malarkey. That’s a good Joe Biden word – malarkey. I […]


New Title – Etiquette for Engineers

I am excited that Etiquette for Engineers is out and has already gotten a good number of sales and we have received some great feedback. It is ostensibly geared toward the tech-minded and perhaps less social individual, as the name suggests, but is also a good reference for anyone who wants to know the basics […]


Why you haven’t written that book yet

Almost every time people hear that I studied writing and editing or that I wrote a couple books, somebody says, “I think I could be a writer.” No doubt you could, I think. Everyone has ideas, and most people are not bad with stringing words together to form coherent sentences. Sure, lots of people could […]


Poetry and Wine – John Keats

Sometimes I need to reread my favorite poems. It is like visiting an old friend, reveling in memories and the promise of shared futures. This morning I reread “Ode to a Nightingale,” and was struck by the beauty with which the author describes guzzling wine. (Confession: I think wine and poetry are a wonderful combination.) […]

The Dhammapada

The Dhammapada

The Dhammapada is a collection of verses or teachings from the various lectures the Buddha gave during his lifetime. They are categorized by topic and reading them gives the student of Buddhism a little nugget of wisdom. It is an easy text to digest and easy to incorporate into a daily contemplative practice. It is […]

The Regius Poem or Halliwell Manuscript

The Regius Poem or Halliwell Manuscript

The Regius Poem or Halliwell Manuscript¬†is by far one of the most important documents in the history of Freemasonry. It outlines the earliest of the Old Charges, which are the basis of the rules of Freemasonry today. These charges and rules are thought to have been laid out by King Athelstan, who was the first […]

Shakespeare's Sonnets

New title: Shakespeare’s Sonnets

We are proud to announce our latest title: Shakespeare’s Sonnets. This collection of poems is a classic, with somewhat of a mixed history. It is generally thought that the poet did not want most of these pieces to be available for public consumption. However, their beauty and craftsmanship show a true mastery of the craft, […]